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Ron Paul - The Deep Dark Details [PART 2] (Definitive PROOF that he is a racist, homophobic bigot!)

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Ron Paul - The Deep Dark Details [PART 2] (Definitive PROOF that he is a racist, homophobic bigot!)

Ron Paul isn't necessarily a white supremacist, in that he doesn't necessarily go around in a Nazi uniform or in a glorified "ghost costume" but, he is a "white supremacist shill" since he supports the ideologies & the philosophies of white supremacy, i.e. white supremacist's & white supremacist organization's. This becomes apparent when you look, honestly, at the support, that Ron Paul has received from white supremacy (Such as the financial & logistical that he has been receiving from white supremacy for decades, & not only for his Presidential campaign's but, also for his Congressional campaign's as well!) & that he has given to white supremacy. (Such as the platform for them to speak, i.e. his newsletters that he has published for over two decades.)

Ron Paul never became POTUS in all of the Presidential elections that he has ever run in bc when the, likely, voters actually looked at his political platform, in some detail, they realized that he is a bat-shit-crazy, senile, old fool, who hates this country and want's to destroy it, under the pretext that destroying the United States will somehow save it! So, they either voted for someone else or they didn't vote.

At this point, however, it is apparent that Ron Paul will NEVER be POTUS bc of something that hardly ever gets talked about...


Ron Paul is 75 years old and he is going to be dead soon!! He will spend his final days rotting away in a hospice/hospital bed, talking to the walls & curtains.

To all of the Rontard's & Paultard's that read this, Ron Paul will NEVER be President!!

Get over it!


Reviewer: MorpheusOne - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 3, 2013
Subject: It sucks that we can't add new comments & that we are always rewriting our old ones, but...
UPDATE: "So the NWO does not exist, and Alex Jones is a pile of trash ?"


Yes, it doesn't exist! Alex Jones is a pathetic scam artist. It IS a dystopian fantasy!! It's not real. Moron.

UPDATE: bcmoney, from part 1 of this video, and benice2americans = the same user!?!

Wow, troll, no one has ever thought of that tactic before...

splue, Noise Collector, bcmoney and benice2americans...might ALL be the same fucking user!!
Reviewer: shalom2013 - - February 1, 2013
Subject: different people are not the same people
No, splue, Noise Collector, bcmoney and benice2americans do not seem to be the same user.

They don't write the same.

Their points are not the same.

But even if they were, what difference would it make ?

If any one of them has questions, do those questions not deserve answers ? or it is just attack the messenger all over again ?

But what is disturbing are the comments by
morpheusone (actual morpheus was interested in objective truth - where is that here ? )

where on the page

morpheus one refers to Alex Jones with the statement that " NWO garbage is just another fear, hate, scare, rumor & smear mongering pile of trash perpetuated by the like's of Alex Jones "

So the NWO does not exist, and Alex Jones is a pile of trash ?

Aside from the lack of courtesy, aside from the non-arguments offered, and aside from the characterization instead of facts, why don't you just come out and admit that you are a globalist and that you are in favor of the NWO ??

That would save us all a bit of time...

Reviewer: micah6vs8 - favorite - January 30, 2013
Subject: Unbalanced
And tiring.
Reviewer: benice2americans - - January 29, 2013
Subject: voice-overs, psychological manipulation of videos, out-of-context statements, ron pauls voice over pictures not from him, please...did you think it would work ???
Most people will not bother to respond, because it is absurd to try to argue that Ron Paul is racist. The fact is that Ron Paul deeply honors this nation and its heritage (yes, even much of the heritage by dead white guys), and this offends some people, who have mamon (money) as their God. Those people don't like the idea of a Sovereign and supreme God that they are accountable to.
Ron Paul constantly speaks of the need for Government to be accountable. This worries those who want to do wrong, and those who resent being informed that harming people is wrong.

Those people who worship money as their god are offended in the notion that there is a God and they will give account to him in the afterlife. They hope that if they either insult or slur Ron Paul, that will affect others. That kind of simplistic thinking is silly.

And people have been falsely, falsely , linked to white supremacy every time that they defend the constitution.

Slandering white people has become a passtime for a few people, (often members of the media), every time that honorable people speak for Freedom or liberty, every time they put themselves on the line in congress to try to do what is right. Now, because of the false claims, because of the repeated false accusations, well that label is more like a badge of honor. It was simply an accusation that was overused, and WITHOUT the facts and the context to support that kind of outlandish claim.

People are not racist simply because they love America, or simply because they revere the Founding Fathers. And it is dishonest to suggest this. It shows a great amount of ignorance about the Founding Fathers. George Washington wrote more than 40 volumes, Madison wrote at least 7, John Adams wrote at least 10 Volumes. Surely you can find better quotes that characterize their life and work. They lived decades and decades helping others and trying to create a great nation. No other nation has either made the same attempt nor as it had the same success rate. It is interesting that those who despise the USA always seem to despise the USA for the claim that there were good leaders who tried to do good things.

We can only wish everyone well, but accountability to a higher power, and the notion that the people can hold power elites accountable is disturbing, especially to those within those circles who attempt to destroy AMerica and the American way of life, and the precious liberty and Freedom that Americans have.

That is the interesting part about the commentary. THere is no attempt to geuninely be in favor of history, or the Constitution, or any positive aspect of America. There is only an attempt to smear Ron Paul. Sorry, and nice try but it just does not work.

1. Stringing quotes toguether and taking them out of context does not prove or demonstrate that Ron Paul is a racist. Rather it proves that there are people who pass themselves off as journalists, are actually aren't. Many of the people who like to string quotes toguether are the same ones who do not want those quotes and passages studied in depth, because then the context becomes apparent, and the reader can tell for themselves, that the writer, was not a racist.

2. Making comments about news and situations in the news is not an evidence of racism. Ron Paul comments in some newsletters and where is that unusual. Most people call that common sense, and being able to add 2 + 2 = 4. That offends a few people, especially those who cannot ad. If you are raised in the public schools system, the chances are that you are ignorant of much and that you cannot spell or think. That is simply a sad fact. And if you can, it is either because the school you went to was an exception, or it means that you learned better skills on your own time, through your own efforts (which is great). But those who depend on the public system for help usually are worse off for doing this.

3. Politicians routinely every week, have their pictures taken hundreds of times with hundreds of people. People come up to them, put their arms around them, and snap, they take the picture. The fact that a politician is therefore seen in any picture where fundraisers occur, (Let alone routine campaign events) is an evidence of nothing, except for the person who wanted a story to tell by getting their picture taken next to the congressman.

4. Where there are pictures of a good guy and a bad guy together, it rewards the actions of the bad guy by giving him publicity, by attempting to link him to a good guy. So that is what has been accomplished in here.

5. The metalic voice is not particularly effective, and the psychological noises are usually an evidence of video tampering. So that does not really do anything except reinforce the point that the video producer is attempting to manipulate us for his Anti-Ron Paul agenda.

6. No one supports the harm done to anyone by the police, especially without cause, and especially in violation of their own duty to do what is right. The sad question is why is it that Liberals only come to the defense of minorities, but then do not defend the rights of all Americans. ANd it is worth noting that Liberals are the very ones who sit on City Councils, and who are often District Attorneys and part of the legal machinery. ThEy - Yes Liberals who SAy that they value protecting people - COULD prosecute Police Officers for violating the rights of most Americans, which happens every day.

But liberals have no wish to do this, they sit as District Attorneys, as Law CLerks, As Judges and they routinely abuse and support the continued abuse of individual good common average people. it is wrong, but it would not take place if all the liberals who held power did something about that, and began to fight back, and put a stop to that. But in order to do that, Liberals would have to actually VALUE the Freedom and Liberty of others Americans, even if they are not Liberal. That takes too much courage. Liberals don't want to admit their own secret history: they love rules and rulemaking, espcially when they are in power. They feel like God and that is their secret wish. They covet the position of God, wanting to be in the place of God themselves.

In the meantime, Real Americans like Ron Paul and MLK still stand up for Freedom and the American Dream.

If liberals would actually support and teach the Constitution and teach Restraint of Power, and restraint of self-indulgence, then maybe the Police would be inclined to be more self-restrained in their abusive techniques. And it is disturbing, that many police departments have taken their training from Israel, in dealing with those who are accused. This has been happening in dozens of police departments around the nation. The effect of this is that this training has promoted the treatment of Americans, to be treated the same way as Palestinians are often treated in Israel.

That does not mean that there is never any cause. but Israel police are not known for being fair nor restrained, and they have no allegiance to those outside their group. They have No Constitution to restrain them. And the American Law Enforcement now often takes the same attitude. What they both seem to share in common is a willingness to treat people as Guilty until proven innocent (the exact opposite of the Constitution), and to treat people with agressive and harsh tactics, instead of using only minimum force.

No one needs to be in favor of the Hamas Islamic theocracy to realize that innocent people still dont deserve to be beatten up, and bringing Israeli army tactics to American domestic Law enforcement, especially to use tactics against Americans in their own land, is a formula for disaster, which will only errode any protections for the smaller and weaker people.

7. No one would want to see anyone harmed because of their race. This is not the middle east. So that assertion about Americans is simply false. And so is trying to combine images of idiots who are false-flag operators (hired by Rockefeller, Morris Dees, and the ADL) with serious politicians who stand up for the little guy, and have the courage to do this in congress.

8. It is encouraging to remember that white people were also on the front lines during the civil rights marches in the 1960s. It is encouraging to note that white people went to Vietnam to defend the rights of others. It is encouraging to note that many white people were also beaten and went to jail in the attempt to ensure that all were free in the 1960s. It is a particular tactic of certain third parties to try to divide the nation along color lines, trying to put white against black and vice versa. This video seem designed to try to do that. The question all of us need to ask is:

9. when we see that videos try to divide blacks against whites and whites against blacks, is WHO is the THIRD PARTY trying to foster discord, trying to promote disagreement, trying to start problems ? These videos did not come from nowhere. Someone put them together and someone funded them, and they look very much like the work of the ADL.

10. One does not go seeking to find problems. But where one finds videos that attempt to mislead others, and to harm the reputation of those who promote Liberty such as Ron Paul, we should not forget the source. And let no one think that the ADL actually speaks for those who are genuine Hebrews. That is not the case at all, as many of them are kept in the dark. The ADL is run by False adherents to a babylonian system of occult worship. That is simply a fact, and kind of sad. So we remember who is the THIRD PARTY who is trying to position one group against another. Haven't you already financed enough wars, heartache and destruction ? Let's stop trying to vilify and slander people by inuendo, distortions and taking statements and separating them from their context.

11. The Video at the end admits that Ron Paul praised Rosa Parks as one who was a pro-active example of civil disobedience. That is helpful, and a reminder that while there are a few examples of courage in this century, there are many more examples of courage in the days of George Washington and the Founding Fathers. Despite the attempt of many who would condemn and castigate those who put their life on the line for Freedom, Americans know that while the nation is not perfect, it stands head and shoulders above most of the nations of the world.

Reviewer: splue - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 23, 2011
Subject: interesting assemblage
vry artistic & effective
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